This Is Why I Am “THAT MOM”

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This is why I am “THAT MOM”!!!! I bet you are wondering what mom.  Well I want to chat a little about being called “THAT MOM”.  First of all we all have a story and are fighting our own battles and although many may not agree with the way you are or do things doesn’t mean they have the right to impose their opinions on you.  Not everyone will agree on this but that’s alright with me.

I’ve always been a nervous Nelly.  I just can’t help it.  I’ve also always been overly cautious with our children.  For instance when they were little I always worried they would fall through the opening up on those playgrounds where they have to climb up.  I remember pleading with our kids not to go near the opening out of fear they would fall.  A few times I was made fun of for not sitting back and watching the kids from a far.  Was it hurtful? Yes, but I never paid to much attention because it wasn’t worth my time and energy.  Plus I didn’t care if I was labeled “THAT MOM”.

Also I always taught our kids not to be physical with other kids meaning keep your hands to yourself and if you have nothing nice to say walk away.  I’m not the perfect mom and have made lots of mistakes along the way but I try my best everyday to be kind to people and not force my opinions on others.

In September of 2014 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a progressive neurological disorder that affects movement.  My motor skills have changed for instance I can’t write but a few words now.  I am constantly sleepy and sometimes I unexpectedly get these nausea episodes that are horrendous.  My right leg and arm are rigid most of the time.  It can be a real pain in the rear dealing with all these new things in my life.

With that being said now my kids are older and attend charter school.  Sometimes they have fun activities at school with opportunities for parents to volunteer.  If I am feeling well I jump at the opportunity to go and see our children enjoying these activities.  They had a fund-raiser  in which the last day they got to participate in a color run.  I jumped at that opportunity to see all the kids running while staff and volunteers threw colored powder at them.  It was so much fun.

The school also had end of the school year dances for the children and well I also volunteered.  Now I volunteer when I can and I am feeling well physically to be with the kids.  I also volunteer for other opportunities at the school but the reason I always jump at the chance to volunteer for the dances and color runs etc is not because I want to spy on my kids or watch them at all times.  My reason for volunteering for those activities is that I am ill and I don’t know for how much longer I’m going to be able to do these things.

Now lets go back to being kind, on many occasions I’ve heard this statement: ” I don’t want to be that mom that follows her kids  around all the time”.  Is that kind or loving? Not really but like I said above everyone has a story and/or a battle they are fighting and mine is Parkinson’s disease.  So if being there to watch the joy in my kids faces while they enjoy dances,  fun runs,  field days,  awards etc etc gets me labeled ” THAT MOM” well then I will gladly accept it.  I don’t really know how long I’m going to be physically well to attend these events thats why I do as many fun activities with our kids as I can.  So this is why I am “THAT MOM”.

Be kind  always because you don’t really know why people do certain things.  It’s OK to have your own opinions but think before you speak.



One thought on “This Is Why I Am “THAT MOM”

  1. Well said Bernice!! You’re not the only mom out there like that…there are many of us! I can totally relate and even my sister makes fun of me for being like that, but I careless about what anyone has to say, my kids are mine and I’m the one to take care of them, so I join your club of THAT MOM! ?

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