Sad Day at Reds House

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Today was a very somber day for us as a family. We knew this day was nearing but you are never prepared for the loss of one of your beloved pets. We got Sammie a female Cairn Terrier back in 2007 when she was nearly 1 year old from craigslist out of all places. No we did not buy her, I had posted an ad looking for a small breed dog that would be excellent with children. A nice lady responded and said she was moving and could not take her and we could have her as long as we kept in touch.

We took Sammie in and my then toddler son bonded with her. She was so tiny and I thought wow she is so fragile how can she keep up with the kids. Boy was I wrong she ran circles around them but knew when to settle down. I called her the boss because she would put all the other dogs in check. We also have a Pit bull and a French Bulldog they wouldn’t dare mess with her. She was so spunky and she never got sick. She even bit two frogs outside and still no illness. She loved to be rubbed and combed and she loved playing with the ball outside and chasing my son. She loved sitting by the sliding glass door when the sun was beating on it.

About 3 weeks ago my husband went to walk her out in our yard like we always do and she fell in the pool. We then realized she had lost her site. She was still eating and drinking so we started walking her on a leash for her safety. But last night she took a drastic turn. She wasn’t eating or drinking then she would not stand up and I knew this was not good. I alerted my husband and son. Our son rubbed her back and told her it was ok to let go which broke my heart in a million pieces. He knew she was getting old because she was sleeping a lot more.

This morning my husband and our son went in to check her and she was still laying down but when I got up to check on her she had stopped breathing. She finally let go. I am broken-hearted but she is not suffering any longer. May our beautiful Sammie rest in peace.

5 thoughts on “Sad Day at Reds House

  1. Sammie will continue watching over the kids and keep the other dogs in check LOL. How wonderful how you celebrated her life with the collage…

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