The Process of Soap Making

Hey ya’ll lets talk about soap. I got my start in making soap because I was researching essential oils that would help any of my Parkinson’s symptoms. I joined some  groups online and one thing led to another and I started making soap. It has been very therapeutic for me. Since I am no longer able to work out of the house I decided this could be a way to earn some extra income to help my family. Check out my store on this page I will be adding more soaps in the near future.  Now lets talk Soap.

There are different types of ways to make soap,  some examples are melt and pour, cold process , cold process and rebatching there may be others that I’m not well versed on. Lets go over a few methods.

Soaping Methods

Melt and Pour– This process requires buying a pre-made soap base, melting it into a liquid adding soap coloring, fragrance, desired additives then decorating and/or designing as desired. This a great way for beginners to get started in the world of soap making.

melt & pour

Cold Process-This method involves making your own base from scratch through a process called saponification, which is the process that produces soap usually from lye and fats. With this method you control exactly what is going into your soap and are able to eliminate the use of artificial ingredients if you choose to. This process requires soap to cure from 4-8 weeks to allow for a longer lasting bar.

cold process

Hot Process– Similar to cold process except heat is used to speed up the process of saponification.  This can be done using a crock pot, oven or a microwave depending on your particular method. Sometimes its hard to get into the mold or out of the mold but the advantage is that the cure time is greatly reduced so no waiting for weeks to use your soap.

Rebatching– this is shredding your own soap creations, then melting it and adding additional ingredients. This method is used when you had (cold & hot process) batches that you were not happy with and you want to turn them into a new soap.

I started out making melt & pour and have now moved on to cold process which is so fun. I have not tried hot process or rebatching just yet. Stay tuned for my next post on what materials are needed for Cold Process soap making and a simple recipe for you to try.

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