Materials Needed for Soapmaking

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As I mentioned in previous post I got my start in making soap using the melt & pour method but moved on to cold process soap because there’s so much you can do design wise.  Making cold process can be dangerous if the correct precautions are not taken due to using lye. This will be what works for me and its not meant to be an extensive list. There are many websites that have extensive info on soap making. Of course if you have any questions at all you can always contact me.

First of all when you are working with lye you need to wear protective gloves and eye wear long sleeve shirt and pants would be great too. I would suggest a mask as well as the fumes can get strong. Never use aluminum as it can react with the lye. Next you will need a accurate digital scale. I use this one Essence Round Digital Kitchen Scales. It works like a charm. You will also need a stick blender which you can pick up an inexpensive one at Walmart.

I also bought the the measuring cups at Walmart they are the plastic ones and they measure up to 4.5 cups.  You will also need bowls I got some at the dollar store look for polypropylene plastic (recycle symbol#5). I have a rubbermaid small bowl which I use to measure the lye in and I always use that one. I also have a bowl specifically for my water in which the lye will go into and I use a large stainless steel spoon to mix the lye and water solution.

Also you will need spatulas to scrape the soap batter off the sides of the bowls and a temperature gun like this one Masione Temperature Gun. Last you need a mold. I have a sturdy silicone one that fits approximately 900 grams of soap.

As for a a recipe you can find one on the web there are many trusted sites but always make sure to run the recipe through a soap calculator to make sure you lye ratios are correct. I use but there are others. A quick note about the mask I use I know its a bit on the extreme side but I like it a lot. You don’t really need one that complicated.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me

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