My Grandma’s Stuffed Cabbage Recipe

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So here I am reminiscing about food I remember grandma making when I was little. She always made such lovely meals but as a picky kid I really didn’t appreciate some off them. I either said they smelled or I didn’t like the texture etc etc etc.  Stuffed cabbage was one of those smelly ones I didn’t appreciate until I became an adult, went into a restaurant and was hit with that familiar aroma.

Recently my grandma came to visit from Puerto Rico and I asked her if she could help me make stuffed cabbage. She agreed and I was ecstatic.  I  have since tried to recreate the recipe and below are my pictures. Can’t compete with grandmas but still so delicious. At the bottom of this post I attached the links to the Sazon and Adobo


Stuffed Cabbage


  • 2 heads Cabbage
  • 3 lbs Ground Beef
  • 2 cans Stewed Tomatoes
  • 1 1/4 cup Rice
  • Sazon to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Black pepper to taste
  • Adobo to taste
  • All Spice to taste
  • Lime Juice to taste


  1. The night before freeze the cabbage heads then the next morning defrost them. After cabbage have defrosted carefully pull each leaf and assemble on a tray. Get a large tray and combine the ground beef stewed tomatoes and rice together really well. Then season with the mentioned spices to your liking. Next take a couple of spoon of the mixture place in a cabbage leaf and wrap tightly. Assemble the stuffed leaves in a large pot. After they are all assembled making sure the folded part are all facing down fill the pot with a little less than half way with water and let the simmer until cooked. You can add lime to the water. I let them simmer for 90-120 minutes. Feel free to contact me with any questions

Adobo you can get at the grocery store in the Hispanic/Caribbean section or from this link below

Goya Adobo Seasoning 8oz

Sazon same as above or here Goya Sazon Con Azafran, 1.4 oz

8 thoughts on “My Grandma’s Stuffed Cabbage Recipe

  1. Yum! Did you use both heads of cabbage? Adobo, sazon, and allspice; any guess as to how much to add? I’m not really familiar with using these spices. Thanks!

    1. I did not use both heads just the leaves that didn’t rip from both lol. I would guesstimate about 1 tablespoons of adobo salt and allspice 1 tsp pepper and 2 packets Sazon. I tend to under-season

  2. Looks delicious! Think I’m going to try making the Stuffed Cabbage☺ Nothing like our Grandmothers or Mom’s cooking❤

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