How I Got Our Son To Give Swimming a Try

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In our house when we think of summer we envision the outdoors,  pools, beaches and lots of swim time. We live in Florida and the summers here are hot humid and the weather is unpredictable.  One minute it can be sunny the next there will be a thunderstorm.  There is a quote we use a lot and it goes like this “Don’t like the weather in Florida just wait 5 minute”.

It’s nice having a pool although they can be money pits in our opinion.  However we try and use the pool when the weather allows it.  Our 12 year old is a little fish in the water.  She loves swimming.  Once she is in the pool its hard to get her to come back out.  On the other hand our 11 year old son gets in the pool but has always been afraid of swimming,  although he swears to us he can swim.  We have enrolled him in different swimming lessons with no success.  See he is very fearful kind of like his momma.

We have tried different water toys to make him more comfortable and different types of goggles and masks also ear plugs.  We thought maybe the water bothered his ears but no luck. It’s very frustrating seeing everyone around him having fun except him.  We want nothing more but for him to be happy and be able to enjoy the things most kids do.

With that being said I had been on the lookout for some product that would help him feel comfortable in the pool and maybe give swimming a try.  Up until a few weeks ago I was clueless as to how to get this child of ours in the pool and actually enjoying it.

A few weeks ago as I was browsing through one of my deal sites I am subscribed to I came across a Full Face Snorkel Mask this exact one Full Face Snorkel Mask  and this one Snorkel Mask.  We decided it couldn’t hurt to have him try it.  Well the first time he tried it was at our neighbors pool which he wasn’t familiar with.  He tried it for a few minutes but he took it off.  So I decided to bring it out again a few days ago and bingo the boy is swimming.  He and his sister were jumping up for joy in the pool.  They literally were jumping up and down hugging each other.  It was such a happy moment for his sister and I.  She was so proud of him and encouraged him to swim back and forth to practice.

I guess the moral of my`story today is never give up try try again. Hope some day the kids will look back at this and appreciate all moms for what they do on a daily basis.  For a short video of the kids using their masks visit my facebook page.

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