Our 6th Grade Daughters Fashion Sense

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Our daughter was in 6th grade this past year and well lets say it was a very busy year. She was placed in all advanced classes, she made the volleyball team and was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. She managed to get straight A’s all 4 quarters which she worked really hard to achieve. We are so very proud of her accomplishments.

Its funny how our kids sense of fashion change through out the years. This year our daughter had a Daddy/Daughter dance to go to and the dress code was formal. I thought “oh boy we are going to wind up spending a fortune”. After searching on the web I decided to check Amazon with our daughter sitting beside me all along thinking this should be interesting because I know she can be picky. She found a dress that I wasn’t quite crazy about,  but after discussing it extensively and showing dad he thought it looked really nice and so agreed to buy it. Here is the link Floor Length Dress, Acecharming Big Girls Lace Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress Party Gown and here is what she looked like


They looked so good. The dress was cuter than I expected and it fit her great. Daddy decided to match her that night. They looked great and had a great time.

Moving forward a few months she then had to shop  for the 6th Grade dance dress which was going to be Hollywood Theme. Amazon came through for us again although I was on the fence about her choice. She wanted a 1950’s retro type dress and found one that she really really liked. I thought maybe she should dress up a bit more but she really liked this dress so I told her I would think about it.

I winded up buying it and not telling her so she would be surprised when she got home from school.  Here is the link Vintage Retro Flower Girls Wedding Dresses 11-12Yrs K250-7 and when it arrived I totally fell in love with it and so did she. The material is strong yet soft and comfortable and it has a stretchiness to the fabric. We highly recommend this dress.

She had a fabulous year and is looking forward to next year.


Our Beautiful Girl








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  1. Love it! She is edgy and not afraid to take risks with her fashion sense. Plus because she is so beautiful anything she wears will be perfect on her.

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