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Hi there and welcome to Tag Along With Red. We are so thrilled you are here.  I bet you are wondering why tag along with red? What is red? Who is red? Well my name is Bernice (Red). Well you see I was born with red hair which yes its still red for the time being and some family members call me Red.

I was Born in Brooklyn, NY then moved to Puerto Rico at age 2 when my parents separated. My mom met my step dad and they had my two beautiful sisters. We moved back to NY but I was really shy and was getting picked on at school so my mom decided I should go live in the country with my grandparents in Puerto Rico. I lived with my wonderful maternal grandparents until my sophomore year in high school when grandpa decided it was time for me to go back to mom. Since mom had moved to Florida I made the move there and began high school in Fort Lauderdale.

During my senior year I met a cute boy named Freddy real name Ferdinand. We dated and three years later I married my high school sweetheart. We were young and inexperienced but we have learned many lessons along the way.

Fred went to Culinary school after we wed. And when he finished school I got my Medical Assistant certificate. Ten years after we married we had our first child Shaylin. Then 13 months after that our second child Gavin was born. We decided with the high cost of childcare I would become a stay at home mom. Best thing I ever did for my kids.

In September of 2014 we were given news that we never imagined. My Neurologist diagnosed me with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease at age 39. I struggle every day with different issues but I refuse to give up. There is a quote I read on a T-Shirt recently that I saw fitting which said: Apparently God only gives us what he thinks we can handle. Well he must think I’m a bad-ass.

Come join my family and I while we chat about Recipes, Crafts, Soapy Projects, Parkinson’s, Fashion and everyday life.

Meet Mom & Dad

Bernice & Fred

Bernice (Red)

My children are my world so I have been a stay at home mom since 2006. I love music, believe it or not I like running (which I haven’t done much of lately). I’m a simple mom struggling to stay healthy despite Parkinson’s. I love to watch funny videos and love to dance although if you saw me dance I would probably remind you of Elaine from Seinfeld. I also enjoy soaping its sorta therapeutic for me somehow. I plan to share various recipes and tips on soaping that I have learned


Fred has been a Chef for 20 years. He’s been featured in the news culinary segments various times and has also been featured in magazines and newspaper articles. He can cook just about any type of food you can imagine. He puts a lot of thought into what he creates and is very passionate about food and his family. He works very hard to take care of us and we appreciate it so much.

Meet the kids                                                      



Shaylin is 12 years old. She loves school and is a member of the National Junior Honor Society. Her biggest accomplishment has been getting High Honor Roll all her years in school. She loves trying different foods. When she has down time she loves watching craft tutorials on YouTube and listening to music on her iPad or helping daddy create yummy recipes in the kitchen. Her goal is to be a Veterinarian in the future.




Gavin is 11 years old and it total opposite of his sister. He is picky regarding his food. He loves playing Minecraft, Pokemon and Roblox. He also loves Legos.  He has received Honor all school years. He has a strong love for his family. He loves watching the Marx Brothers videos. Gavin is very active and he loves math. His biggest accomplishment thus far was winning 1st place at the schools STEM fair last year




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